• It's easy to start learning the basics but constantly provides new challenges

  • It gives an aerobic workout which burns calories...

  • ... AND it tones and builds strength

  • Anyone can start, regardless of fitness, strength, age, shape or size

  • It's incredibley good fun, you will be laughing in every class :)

    What is Pole?
    Pole can be broken up in to 3 categories:
    Spins are unique to pole, they can be elegant and graceful, energetic, fast or slow, and easy to start learning from your first pole lesson.
    Choreography, aka Flow, involves sequences of footsteps, floor work and poses. Used between spins and aerial tricks to make a routine flow smoothly, it helps to improve co-ordination, flexibility and toning.
    Aerials includes climbing, inverting, gripping the pole with legs and/or hands to form poses and then transitioning between these poses. It is physically the most challenging aspect of pole.

    What exactly will you be learning?
    From your first lesson we introduce the basic techniques to all aspects of pole - including getting you upside down! We concentrate more on choreography and spins to start with whilst you build your strength and confidence, and there is no pressure to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with.

    The Revolutions syllabus has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to introduce a variety of pole dance moves at a speed that will encourage and inspire you whilst giving you achievable challenges.

    "The moves in each level have been carefully chosen to introduce new techniques at a steady pace and gradually build your strength, flexibility and confidence.

    During your lessons you will learn not only the steps to perform each move but also how to transfer your energy and momentum in to the move.
    This really helps with your understanding of pole dancing and will enable you to pick up new moves much more quickly once you've covered the basics.

    I really hope you enjoy the moves you learn. Great moves don't have to be difficult, just well performed. There's some fab spins in the early levels that remain some of my favourites no matter how much more I learn!"

    Cat Ledbetter - Revolutions Pole Instructor

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