Pilates is a great way to get, and stay, in shape.
The key principles of Pilates focus on strength, flexibility, balance, posture, stamina and core stability.

Many teachers bring their own influences in to a Pilates class. We focus on teaching technique and a good understanding of how to use your body to create inner strength, and how to listen to your body to prevent injuries. There is little bit of Yoga influence, and many exercises such as squats, crunches and planks which people often don't expect.

The classes are mixed ability - as a beginner we start you gently, focusing on getting correct movement and technique. As your understanding, strength and control develop you will be encouraged to take each exercise up a difficulty level. Everyone progresses at their own pace so no need to worry about keeping up!

We currently have no Pilates group classes running whilst Cat is busy with baby Ruben. You can find her teaching 4 classes a week at Birchwood Park Country Club if you are a member there.

Our online Pilates, Flexibility and Core package is just £10 a month for access to classes anytime in your home.

Alternatively you can arrange a one to one session at your home. Prices start from £25.


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